No one knows your business likes you do, but does everyone know about your business and everything you have to offer?

Sometimes getting information about your business to the public can be a daunting task, with so many medias to choose from, it can become expensive and time consuming.  But it doesn’t have to be if you know how to tell your story.

Let The Sylvan Lake Directory make your story known, we can put your business front and centre for everyone to see 365 days a year, both online and in print.  Beginning in 2020, The Sylvan Lake Directory is offering a new kind of advertising service included in our yearly publications and available to 3 lucky businesses.  When you choose to purchase a “Business Focused Article” in our newly designed magazine, our team of writers will record and interview you; the owners, asking pivotal, thought provoking and knowledge based industry questions, focusing on specific topics related to your business, your company history, your years of service, product and service offerings, advancements, philosophies, direction, goals and past successes.

Once we have all your information, we will take pictures of you, your business and any other related photos and finally, we will write and produce a 2 page  “Business Focused Article” which we will publish in the centre of our annual Sylvan Lake Business Directory Magazine and publish it on our online medium  This article will be a in the hands of our 8000+ print readers throughout the year and can potentially be seen by nearly all of our 40,000+ online visitors each year as well.  Our goal is to tell your story, the way it was meant to be told and for all to see, hear and read.

We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your business and all it has to offer our community.