Compare & Save on your advertising


The cost of advertising can be deceiving

What's inlcuded?

What's not included?

What costs extra?

How much coverage will I get for my money?

Am I seeing a return on my investment?

At The Sylvan Lake Directory, we take pride in educating each and every client and in answering every question.

That's why we've done the math for you. 

Check your listings with other advertising sources are you really getting a return on your money?

Our suspicion is you will be surprised just what you are not getting.

Compare & Save

Bring us your monthly advertising invoices from one of these competitors, if we can not match or beat what you are paying now, your ad is FREE for the year.


Average Annual Cost of Advertising



Average Monthly Cost Comparrison



*This offer is based on a full-page ad within our book The Sylvan Lake Directory and an online business profile on our webpage at a cost of $685 per year plus GST

*This offer is based on a side by side comparison of dollar for dollar advertising against what you are currently paying for with other advertisers based on your current invoices.

*At no time does this The Sylvan Lake Directory, it's parent company 7 Points Media Ltd. or any of it's subsiduaries make any claim of exact figures.  All dollar values have been verified as

approximate and are based on market research conducted in 2019.