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Blue Arrow Communications is your technical communications expert, specializing in oilfield communications. We know that reliable communications are key to a safe and efficient work site.


Blue Arrow Communications is the family business of Darren Woytas.  Darren has 23 years of experience in the oilfield as an electronics and instrumentation technologist. He saw a problem and knew he could provide a better solution.

When I saw what the industry was using to get cell coverage on sites – these oversized towers that took days to set up properly and even then a small gust of wind would compromise stability – well, I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted something on wheels, a small footprint with big impact.  A service we could provide in a matter of hours and that could be customized to each site.

Darren built his first tower in 2007 and Blue Arrow Communications was born.

Our products are top of their class, but Blue Arrow is truly about the service we provide.  We are problem solvers first, working out the best possible solution to fit your circumstance and your budget.  Then we guarantee that our professionals will fit our solution so that you receive the best possible coverage, no matter how remote you are. We worry about all the fine details so that our customers can simply enjoy reliable communications”.  

With a fleet of more than 20 portable cell towers, and a handful of complimentary products, Darren and his team at Blue Arrow are still committed to providing the best products with exceptional customer service.

Blue Arrow has an extensive rental fleet of portable cell towers with range boosting and video surveillance capability. Our professional installations guarantee the best possible service and our custom solutions will resolve any remote site challenge. Whatever your communications needs, Blue Arrow will have a solution.

  • portable cell towers
  • vehicle cell boosters
  • 2-way radios
  • video security
  • custom solutions

Video Security

Security and safety go hand-in-hand. Keep your eyes on your site even when you can’t be there with a video security camera that can be perched atop one of our portable cell towers.  

For larger projects, we can design a complete security plan, including access control and a matrix of smart video cameras, all with remote monitoring and control.  

Whether you're keeping an eye on your hunting cabin or a large work site, Blue Arrow Communications will have a video security solution for you.

Authorized dealer

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Portable Cell Towers

Blue Arrow portable cell towers combine the most powerful cell boosters on the market with custom engineered telescoping towers to deliver clean, reliable cell service strong enough to support all voice and data services no matter how remote.

  • Up to 90 db gain, multi-band cell boosters
  • TELUS & Bell 3G, 3G+, 4G and LTE compatible
  • Engineered to withstand 80 mph winds
  • Small footprint (15 ft. x 15 ft.)
  • Professionally setup in an hour with our service quality guarantee.  If it isn't right, we will make it right at no cost to you.
  • Optional high speed internet
  • Optional video security

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Vehicle Cell Boosters


Tractor Cell Booster

When going off the beaten path is part of your working day, you need a reliable next-generation cell booster that automatically adjusts its gain so that you can focus on your job.  Our cell boosters are the best on the market and a professional installation guarantees you won't have to worry about dropped calls ever again.

Authorized dealer

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Two-Way Radios

Blue Arrow Communications is an authorized Vertex Standard dealer of portable and mobile two-way radios. Portable radios are small, handheld and battery powered.  Mobile radios are larger and are typically installed in vehicles. We offer a variety of models including intrinsically safe, digital, UHF and VHF for rent or for purchase.


VX-2200 Mobile Radio         Radio Rental Kit      EVX-530 Portable Radio


#1, 24 Cuendet Industrial Way
Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 2J8

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm


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