KD Residential Design Inc.


Specializing in Custom Home Designs

KD Residential Design is an architectural drafting company specializing in designing custom homes for both individuals and home builders. Since 2006, KDRD has been providing technically excellent, high-quality blueprints for homes primarily in Sylvan Lake, and the central Alberta area, but also ranging from Calgary to Fort McMurray to Saskatchewan. With clients ranging from architects, to home builders big and small, to private clientele, KDRD has worked on a vast range of homes in size, style and complexity, with each providing valuable insight and knowledge to an ever changing industry.

Residential Design is exactly what we do and where we strive. We are an architectural drafting company that specializes in designing custom homes.

Located in central Alberta and serving both individuals and home builders, KDRD provides high-quality blueprints ready for construction, each specifically designed for the client. We work with our clients transforming concept ideas into quality sets of blueprints that showcase beautifully designed custom homes ready for construction.

With the clients needs and wants always number one, KDRD will design a home that meets local building codes, bylaws and architectural controls.

The goal of KD Residential Design is to accurately portray all the information we gather from our clients into a functional, creatively designed and aesthetically pleasing home. This is the passion of KDRD, taking in all the information and creating a one-of-a-kind perfect design. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear how happy our clients are with the finished product. As daunting as designing a new home may sound, this is where KDRD excels. By asking the right questions, a truly unique custom home will be tailored to each specific need and the desired style.


For a truly custom design, KD Residential Design strives to ensure our client’s specific needs and style are reflected in their home. Our custom homes are functional, unique and designed to perfectly complement daily routines and lifestyles.

KDRD has met with many clients and designed many homes and no matter what the size or style of the home is, each project starts in the same place. We need to understand exactly what our clients are imagining and dreaming, to create an ideal design. To accurately portray our client’s vision, we ask many questions.

KD Residential Design continues to design homes for many different communities and subdivisions, each with different requirements, bylaws and architectural controls, constantly allowing KDRD to evolve. We serve Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, and Central Alberta



  • 3D imaging
  • architectural design
  • architectural drawings
  • building design
  • custom homes
  • drafting
  • floor plans
  • house plans
  • site planning


7 Reviews
John DeRegt, Timber Wolf Truss

EXCELLENT ATTENTION TO DETAIL! “The team at T.W.T appreciates the precision and attention to detail that we find in a KD Residential Design blueprint. The blueprints clearly communicate every aspect of the project, providing a smoother building experience.” John DeRegt, Timber Wolf Truss

December 2018

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Dixie Getzinger

TALENTED, CAPABLE AND EXTREMELY PERSONABLE! “Karen Richinski was recommended to me by Somerset Homes in Sylvan Lake AB. They touted her capabilities to me quite highly. She did not disappoint. I found Karen to be talented, capable and extremely personable. Which to me is the whole package. I have often recommended Karen to others, who are looking to custom design their own dream homes.” Dixie Getzinger

December 2018

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Linda and Monty Carter

THOROUGH, PROFESSIONAL, AND KNOWLEDGEABLE! “Through the recommendation of our builder, we engaged Karen to design a new home for us in Sylvan Lake. From the initial consultation and design exploration to the finished product, Karen was thorough, professional, and knowledgeable about the art of the possible. Our lake house is all and more than we initially envisioned.” Linda and Monty Carter

December 2018

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