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Why Shift Power Yoga?

Welcome to Shift Power Yoga, where you are invited to be a part of something a little different. Beyond yoga poses and beyond stretching there is an opportunity to be inspired to live BIG.

Our amazing team of passionate and dedicated teachers have created a community of acceptance, belonging, service, inspiration and extraordinary living.

No experience necessary. Come as you are, not as you think you should be!

At Shift Power Yoga, it is our mission to give you the tools to live your most fulfilled and extraordinary life. ‚Äč From the time you step into the studio you will be acknowledged, encouraged, assisted and inspired. Our goal is to ignite and empower you beyond your perceived limitations and to leave you in your greatness.

We offer everything from slow stretch and yin yoga to challenging vinyasa classes.

Classes are based on the transformative Baptiste methodology and are guaranteed to sculpt and tone your body, calm your mind and leave you empowered to live your most connected, creative and meaningful life.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and into freedom!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Yoga Classes

Are you new to yoga? A life-long yogi?

No matter your level of yoga, you'll find a class for you at Shift Power Yoga!

From our Yin Yoga classes to Slow Stretch to All-Levels Power, there's something for everyone, containing elements of Physicalness, Meditation and Inquiry that will allow you to grow your practice and live an extraordinary life!

Welcome to the Community!


All Levels Power

The Baptiste style of yoga is one of Empowerment. This powerful vinyasa flow class will tone and sculpt your body, restore your natural vitality and give you access to empowerment and possibility in your body and in your life! The practice is adaptable for every level of practitioner from beginner to seasoned yogi, so come as you are and be ready to sweat, smile and shine!

Slow Stretch

Do you want a class that offers a beautiful well-rounded slow stretch that still strengthens, tones and creates whole body flexibility?

This class is suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced, even those recovering from injury.

Come and get centered, grounded and open up to new ways of being.

Ebb & Flow

All things exist in balance and this class is no exception. Just as the tide rises and recedes this class is a beautiful balance of effort and surrender. You will begin with sweet yin postures followed by a steadily-rising vinyasa flow and finishing with deep, slow floor poses and a long savasana. This class will appeal to all lovers of yoga and is suitable for beginners to experienced practitioners. Join us and bring a little ebb and flow into your day!

Happy Hips Flow

The hips are the storage lockers of the body often harboring emotional tension and stress as well as physical tightness. This creative vinyasa flow class focuses on deep hip opening postures that will encourage your body into greater range of motion, relieve back pain, neck strain and even headaches while allowing you to move stuck energy and create space for what you want in your life!

Journey into Hips

This vinyasa flow class based on the Journey into Power sequence will focus specifically on opening all facets of the hips. The ability to move freely, respond quickly and perform in all athletic pursuits is directly related to hip mobility. The hips are also known to store unresolved hurt, trauma and stress. Opening your hips can give you access to experiencing vitality, power and freedom like never before! Class includes vinyasa flow, standing hip openers and deep floor stretches.


Yin Yoga

A slower paced style of yoga where postures are held for longer periods of time, ranging from 2-10 minutes. Yin postures target the deep connective tissues, fascia, tendons and joints in the body, increasing flexibility and range of motion. Yin yoga is also designed to improve the flow of subtle energy in the meridian pathways in the body in a similar way to acupuncture.

Power Yoga Beats

This one hour version of our Baptiste Power class is accompanied by great playlists and fun variations to kick off your weekend with some sweat and smiles! All levels welcome.

Yin and Meditation

Indulge in a rejuvenating Yin practice and learn the basics of meditation with a guided meditation at the end of class!


#1 5016 50th street
Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1M5

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  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300 Hour Master Teacher Program


We are open 30min prior to class start, as well as 30min after class ends.


11 Reviews

A studio where anyone and everyone feels welcome, and a part of a community.

December 2018

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Great studio with a great community. Warm welcoming atmosphere

December 2018

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Love the people and awesome energy vibes in this studio! Very supportive and positive environment to practice yoga.

December 2018

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